Most People Can’t Pronounce These Words. How about you?

Based on google trends that search the meaning of words and try to get help to know how to pronounce specifics words acai is the most difficult word to pronounce for mos english speakers. There are many other words which can be hard to pronounce as their pronunciation doesn’t follow the normal rules, below we are listing some of them.

1. Acai

This is a plant common in east Asia. It is Pronounced “Ah-sa-ee,” and it is the berry of palm trees they have purple colors and are nutrient rich. You can have them in smoothies or tea.



2. Gyro

“Gyro,” is meat cooked on a rotisserie and served in pita bread, it is very common fast food in Greece and Turkey. The meat type is Pork, but sometimes can be Chicken or beef. This food is pronounced “Yee-ro.” That’s right; feel free to ignore the letter “G.”



3. Charcuterie

This is yet another food related tem. The term Charcuterie is a french word and many english speakers struggle to pronounce it. It is pronounced Pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-ree,” it originates from the French. Charcuterie means a food platter served in a wooden board and usually consists of thinly slided meats, hams, cheeses and various fruits and nuts. Charcuterie boards are very popular as appetizers and can be found both in restaurants or bars or longues.

4. Nguyen
Ngyuen is the most common last name in vietnam and because there are so many people with that last name it is a highly searched term. It is pronounced as “New-Yen.”