Scrabble Alternatives to Improve Dictionary

One way to learn more english words is by chatting online with other people. Another way is to consume english content on youtube or watch subtitled movies. Another way is using an app like Duolingo.

There are more traditional ways such as taking private english classes but these tend to be costly. There is a better, free, more engaging abeit rather slower method, it is playing word games like scrabble. There are many uncommon words that you most likely will never encounter in everyday speech but they are important nonetheless.

The question is how to get exposed such words? What better way than playing scrabble, and force yourself to remember or form new words from the given letters on the board? The struggle that you will have trying to figure out these new words is a guaranteed way to make you learn and remember these words far longer than you would have with another method, say reading it in a book. Below you can see some apps and games designed specifically to help you expand your vocabulary and strengthen your word forming skills.

Words with Friends

A very common, word forming/guessing game, the objective of which is identical to that of Scrabble’s. But instead of a board WWF comes as an app version which can be played on your smartphone. You can play with an opponent if you so desire, there is a feature which lets you challenge people who happen to be online at that moment and play head to head. You will find words in a crossword like fashion. It is straightforward and convenient as it can be played from virtually anywhere. WWF is suitable both for kids and adults whose goal is to improve their english. Just be mindful about how much time you spend playing it as it has a tendency to make you loose track of time.


Scrabble is one of those ultra popular board games that can be played by virtually anyone, kids and adults to improve their vocabulary and get better at word formulation. No matter if you win or lose there is always an opportunity for improvement of your vocabulary, so you can always benefit from it.There is a wide range of options and difficulty levels that you can choose from, depending how hard a challenge you’re up for, there are junior scrabbles suitable for inexperienced players or kids.It may not be very easy at first but as they progress they will get better at it, as most words have a tendency to repeat, thus making it easier for you to write them in your memory.IT is one of the most effective, fun, and long term solutions to enrich the vocabulary, because it is a game and it keeps you engaged.


If you want to test if your kid may be struggling with spelling one of the ways to test it is to make your kid use ‘bananagrams’, it is a game specifically designed for kids, it follows the game flow of scrabble and lets the little kid create words using letter tiles in a banana. It is great in that it allows the player to reshuffle the letter tiles and create new words and it is of course much simpler than the regular scrabble version, and it also doesn’t require the board.

7 Little Words

Another puzzle app game is Seven Little Words in which the player’s mission is to match words into groups that have similar meaning. One of the pros of this app puzzle is that the game helps you by giving you hints to guide you into solving the level. It will definitely help your spelling capabilities and improve your vocab.