Scrabble Substitutes to Play with Your Kids

Scrabble is considered one of the best puzzles to play with your children as it helps learn and relearn words and improve the grammar, thus improving memory and it also helps the memory span. It it best to test children and their problem-solving skills.There are many reasons why kids would love scrabble as they are in their learning stage but it is suitable for any age group of course. If you play scrabble and someone unscrambling letters is not something you want to do so often, we are than happy to

Rush Hour
Rush hour is another fantastic puzzle game that you kids will absolutely adore. Rush hour is a game in which your kid must move trucks and cars around in order to prevent traffic jam. It will improve his decision making skills and make the kid anticipate events in advance and take measures to prevent the roads from jamming up. It is a great brain teaser and very interesting game.

Funschool Play
The Funschool Play is ideal for kids up to 10 because it also has some map puzzles. It is both educational to play but also fun. IT is impossible for a kid to play this continuously and not pick up information that is useful for school related stuff. Your kid will learn new countries and having some knowledge about countries, borders, maps in general is a life skill for the future.

Tetris 99

A simple game that is guaranteed that kids will love is Tetris 99, in this game you will play against you children and other people and the whole idea of the game is to remove as many rows as you can as quickly as you can so you can clear up the board.

Laser Maze

Lazer Maze is a Galaxy/Space themed, this game involves laser beams thats why the name is lazer maze, space guns, satellites etc. Your kids will enjoy playing this dynamic and fun graphics game. Your kid will push their skills to the limit to succeed in these space missions that will challenge the player in many forms.

Playing games with your children is both beneficial for them as it helps them thrive and advance their vocabulary it is believed that in fact, puzzle games, can help children to build healthy brains and make them more sociable as they have more knowledge, more things to talk about with their peers.