Scrabble Substitutes to Play with Your Kids

Scrabble is considered one of the best puzzles to play with your children as it helps learn and relearn words and improve the grammar, thus improving memory and it also helps the memory span. It it best to test children and their problem-solving skills.There are many reasons why kids would love scrabble as they are in their learning stage but it is suitable for any age group of course. If you play scrabble and someone unscrambling letters is not something you want to do so often, we are than happy to

Rush Hour
Rush hour is another fantastic puzzle game that you kids will absolutely adore. Rush hour is a game in which your kid must move trucks and cars around in order to prevent traffic jam. It will improve his decision making skills and make the kid anticipate events in advance and take measures to prevent the roads from jamming up. It is a great brain teaser and very interesting game.

Funschool Play
The Funschool Play is ideal for kids up to 10 because it also has some map puzzles. It is both educational to play but also fun. IT is impossible for a kid to play this continuously and not pick up information that is useful for school related stuff. Your kid will learn new countries and having some knowledge about countries, borders, maps in general is a life skill for the future.

Tetris 99

A simple game that is guaranteed that kids will love is Tetris 99, in this game you will play against you children and other people and the whole idea of the game is to remove as many rows as you can as quickly as you can so you can clear up the board.

Laser Maze

Lazer Maze is a Galaxy/Space themed, this game involves laser beams thats why the name is lazer maze, space guns, satellites etc. Your kids will enjoy playing this dynamic and fun graphics game. Your kid will push their skills to the limit to succeed in these space missions that will challenge the player in many forms.

Playing games with your children is both beneficial for them as it helps them thrive and advance their vocabulary it is believed that in fact, puzzle games, can help children to build healthy brains and make them more sociable as they have more knowledge, more things to talk about with their peers.

Most People Can’t Pronounce These Words. How about you?

Based on google trends that search the meaning of words and try to get help to know how to pronounce specifics words acai is the most difficult word to pronounce for mos english speakers. There are many other words which can be hard to pronounce as their pronunciation doesn’t follow the normal rules, below we are listing some of them.

1. Acai

This is a plant common in east Asia. It is Pronounced “Ah-sa-ee,” and it is the berry of palm trees they have purple colors and are nutrient rich. You can have them in smoothies or tea.



2. Gyro

“Gyro,” is meat cooked on a rotisserie and served in pita bread, it is very common fast food in Greece and Turkey. The meat type is Pork, but sometimes can be Chicken or beef. This food is pronounced “Yee-ro.” That’s right; feel free to ignore the letter “G.”



3. Charcuterie

This is yet another food related tem. The term Charcuterie is a french word and many english speakers struggle to pronounce it. It is pronounced Pronounced “shar-koo-tuh-ree,” it originates from the French. Charcuterie means a food platter served in a wooden board and usually consists of thinly slided meats, hams, cheeses and various fruits and nuts. Charcuterie boards are very popular as appetizers and can be found both in restaurants or bars or longues.

4. Nguyen
Ngyuen is the most common last name in vietnam and because there are so many people with that last name it is a highly searched term. It is pronounced as “New-Yen.”

Scrabble Alternatives to Improve Dictionary

One way to learn more english words is by chatting online with other people. Another way is to consume english content on youtube or watch subtitled movies. Another way is using an app like Duolingo.

There are more traditional ways such as taking private english classes but these tend to be costly. There is a better, free, more engaging abeit rather slower method, it is playing word games like scrabble. There are many uncommon words that you most likely will never encounter in everyday speech but they are important nonetheless.

The question is how to get exposed such words? What better way than playing scrabble, and force yourself to remember or form new words from the given letters on the board? The struggle that you will have trying to figure out these new words is a guaranteed way to make you learn and remember these words far longer than you would have with another method, say reading it in a book. Below you can see some apps and games designed specifically to help you expand your vocabulary and strengthen your word forming skills.

Words with Friends

A very common, word forming/guessing game, the objective of which is identical to that of Scrabble’s. But instead of a board WWF comes as an app version which can be played on your smartphone. You can play with an opponent if you so desire, there is a feature which lets you challenge people who happen to be online at that moment and play head to head. You will find words in a crossword like fashion. It is straightforward and convenient as it can be played from virtually anywhere. WWF is suitable both for kids and adults whose goal is to improve their english. Just be mindful about how much time you spend playing it as it has a tendency to make you loose track of time.


Scrabble is one of those ultra popular board games that can be played by virtually anyone, kids and adults to improve their vocabulary and get better at word formulation. No matter if you win or lose there is always an opportunity for improvement of your vocabulary, so you can always benefit from it.There is a wide range of options and difficulty levels that you can choose from, depending how hard a challenge you’re up for, there are junior scrabbles suitable for inexperienced players or kids.It may not be very easy at first but as they progress they will get better at it, as most words have a tendency to repeat, thus making it easier for you to write them in your memory.IT is one of the most effective, fun, and long term solutions to enrich the vocabulary, because it is a game and it keeps you engaged.


If you want to test if your kid may be struggling with spelling one of the ways to test it is to make your kid use ‘bananagrams’, it is a game specifically designed for kids, it follows the game flow of scrabble and lets the little kid create words using letter tiles in a banana. It is great in that it allows the player to reshuffle the letter tiles and create new words and it is of course much simpler than the regular scrabble version, and it also doesn’t require the board.

7 Little Words

Another puzzle app game is Seven Little Words in which the player’s mission is to match words into groups that have similar meaning. One of the pros of this app puzzle is that the game helps you by giving you hints to guide you into solving the level. It will definitely help your spelling capabilities and improve your vocab.

Word Creating Games for Kids

Word building is a crucial step between knowing the letters of the alphabet and being able to write.The best part about word.building is all of the interactive activities that come along and helping to make it more fun and engaging for our youngest
learners. In this list, you’ll find some excellent word-building activities for students of all ages.

Elementary Word Creating Games and Activities For Young Kids

Early Learning

The beginning years of word building are essential for children to develop word skills.
Having plenty of interactive resources is one of the most vital aspects of helping students to develop those skills.

Alphabet Sponges

are a perfect helps kids not only build words and also create some really great art pieces that can be hung around the classroom. Use vocabulary cards to have kids write words.

Guess the word

This fun activity can be played as a whole class or in small groups. Write the word on card stock or use magnet letters to build it!

Vocabulary Blocks

activity is great because it's hands-on and is a totally independent word-building activity. You can easily create your own, simply download a free, blank dice template and write the words or ending you want!

Compound Words

are great for learning how to build words and reading longer words.
Students must also get a firm grasp on these words during elementary school.

Cup letter Tiles

Instead of using center word building cards, create these cups at the beginning of the year. This simple hands-on activity will help build motor skills and work on word development.

Scrambled letters

This is an excellent activity for kids at the beginning of a class that involves building letters. It provides students with extra practice and gets their brains ready for the next activity.

Big Word Building

Using task cards, this activity will help students to be able to break down large words into different parts.It contributes in their brain development along with their problem-solving skills.

Interactive Word Walls

are great in middle school because they help students better
comprehend and understand different vocabulary concepts.It helps students to watch as words are built.


Put your students together or independent, and make it a fun competition. See who can build the most words out of their Boggle board.

What is the Reason behind the Success of Wordle?

I guess that everyone has heard about Wordle, a free-to-play online word game. Wordle is the simple online game that’s taken the world by storm.

It was launched by Josh Wardle, thea software engineer from Brooklyn, NYC. Wardle made
the game for his wife, who loves spelling bees, crosswords and other puzzle games.]
His wife loved it, and so did Wardle’s extended family.It was then that he decided to release the game to the rest of the world. After making the game for his wife,he sold the game to New York Times on Jan.31. They didn’t reveal the exact price other than “the low-seven figures,” or in other words, more than $1 million.Five months later, millions are playing the game every day.

Wordle is a very simple game to play,but it have several killer features that have lifted it above the competition.These are:

-You can only play one puzzle a day.
-Everyone plays the same puzzle.
-It’s easy to share your game on social media without spoling the answer for others.
To play Worldle you don’t have to download any app, you have just to visit the New York Times Games section.

Each day, there is a mystery five-letter word that you have to guess. You have to guess the word in 6 tries.Each guess must be a valid 5-letter word. You should hit the enter button to submit.
The game helps you guess the right word by turning the letters you chose into different colours. After each guess the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

Green means the letter you guessed is correct and in the right position.

Yellow means the letter is in the word, but in the wrong spot.

Dark Gray means the letter is not in the word at all.

Some people think that Wordle has got harder since the New York Times takeover ,but it really hasn’t. It is currently free to play and free of ads, just as it initially was.
On Nov. 1, only 90 people had played it. Today, millions play it each day. It has captured the attention of so many people and according to Stacy Costa,a puzzle expert, Wordle is considered a good distraction. Those five or 10 minutes that you’re doing Wordle or any puzzle, you’re not thinking about everything else going on in the world,”
she said. Of course, some people are playing to win, trying to guess a mystery word.

Games to Consider If Wordle is Enough Enough for You

Each morning, millions of people around the world wake up and ask themselves one
question: What is a good five-letter word I can use today?That question is linked to
Wordle.Thanks to Wordle’s success.

We’ve listed the 10 top alternatives of our favorite word game:

Word Master

Just like Wordle, you have six tries to guess the correct word. The letters on each guess change color depending on the letter. Green letters are correct and in the right spot. Yellow letters are in the word, just not in the right place, and gray letters are not in the word. Here’s the important difference: You can play as many rounds as you want.


lets players tackle as many word puzzles as they want. Players are encouraged to
build up streaks to see how many puzzles they can solve in a row.


requires players to solve two Wordle puzzles at once. Every guess populates two
different puzzles, so what may work pretty well for one might not for the other. You can
choose to play one Dordle a day or free Dordle, where you can play repeatedly.


Put your skills and get and solve four words at once.You have 9 guesses to solve
all four words You can play the daily puzzle or enjoy practice mode. 


starts with the final word at the bottom of a four-row word puzzle. Each row
above it contains blank squares in different colors. If it's green, the letter is in the final word
at that exact spot. Yellow tiles mean the letter is in the final word but in a different place. 


tries very hard to make sure you don't get the right word. With every answer, the
game will reveal as little about the word as it can. Fortunately, you get unlimited attempts at guessing the right one. There is also a hard mode if you prefer torturing yourself.

Hello Wordl

applies the same rules, only you can go all the way up to 11-letter words. You can also adjust the difficulty from normal to ultra hard.


is a word guessing game where you have to guess a five-letter word within 6 tries.It’s
a Wordle game with naughty words. Heardle-Players are presented with a song, spaced out in six segments starting with a one-second clip. The goal is to guess the song based on the short clips.