Word Creating Games for Kids

Word building is a crucial step between knowing the letters of the alphabet and being able to write.The best part about word.building is all of the interactive activities that come along and helping to make it more fun and engaging for our youngest
learners. In this list, you’ll find some excellent word-building activities for students of all ages.

Elementary Word Creating Games and Activities For Young Kids

Early Learning

The beginning years of word building are essential for children to develop word skills.
Having plenty of interactive resources is one of the most vital aspects of helping students to develop those skills.

Alphabet Sponges

are a perfect helps kids not only build words and also create some really great art pieces that can be hung around the classroom. Use vocabulary cards to have kids write words.

Guess the word

This fun activity can be played as a whole class or in small groups. Write the word on card stock or use magnet letters to build it!

Vocabulary Blocks

activity is great because it's hands-on and is a totally independent word-building activity. You can easily create your own, simply download a free, blank dice template and write the words or ending you want!

Compound Words

are great for learning how to build words and reading longer words.
Students must also get a firm grasp on these words during elementary school.

Cup letter Tiles

Instead of using center word building cards, create these cups at the beginning of the year. This simple hands-on activity will help build motor skills and work on word development.

Scrambled letters

This is an excellent activity for kids at the beginning of a class that involves building letters. It provides students with extra practice and gets their brains ready for the next activity.

Big Word Building

Using task cards, this activity will help students to be able to break down large words into different parts.It contributes in their brain development along with their problem-solving skills.

Interactive Word Walls

are great in middle school because they help students better
comprehend and understand different vocabulary concepts.It helps students to watch as words are built.


Put your students together or independent, and make it a fun competition. See who can build the most words out of their Boggle board.